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Somebody mentioned me Global Archiact Jam, a VR challenge. Task is clear, do anything with Unity3D for Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR in two weeks. Using any kind of legal assets were acceptable, so it sounds like something achievable alone. To be honest I didn’t know there are differences between these VRs, I picked Cardboard and started to work on it.

Using Cardboard SDK is surprisingly easy. It’s automatically creating two cameras for both eyes, the job is making a standard FPS. I already had experience with game controller support, so my hardest task was the actual level design, also testing. Using Cardboard a lot made me motion sickness. I don’t think virtual reality on mobile is bearable more than a few minutes long experience. (Or it’s just my phone.) I had to find some tricks to prevent it, like disable side moving, setup proper player height, physic factors and add a reference frame.

I’m happy I could come up with something in time, it’s very buggy but at least it’s working and I learnt a lot about terrain and level design. Available on Google Play.

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