Ludum Dare 40

We attended to Ludum Dare 40, Starlin and I. It’s 72 hours long game jam, that means we need to make a game in 72 hours, but for the better understanding watch this video:

A decision, go to sleep or stay up until 2am to know the theme? I’ve skipped Friday drinks so I would feel stupid if I don’t go to sleep. Anyway who cares the theme, I was sure it will be pretty cool. It’s my first Ludum Dare the theme can’t go wrong, I really liked some of them.

There is that little feeling when I leave REM and wake up, my first movement to get my phone and check the theme. Oh my god! It’s really unlikely, I think the stupidest theme ever won. The more you have, the worst it is. What can we do with it? Starlin woke up and we started to brainstorm, even before our morning coffee. We knew that we want a game with a pigeon. So bird game. The idea is, bird eat too much, become fat, hard to control. But why bird has to eat? To feed the kids!

Ok, what kind of game we should make? We ended up a 2D platformer where the bird has to fly, handle obstacles and somehow go to the next level. We are very inexperienced game developers, we thought it’s enough idea as game design and we are ready to make it alive. I opened Unity and started to coding something, fly left and right, and hoped it will become something fun.

Generate landscape. That’s first. Of course, just for temporary, I didn’t want randomly generated levels, I wanted everything well designed. (didn’t happened) The character can go in any direction and I add new platforms when it’s necessary.

The main problem was the lack of plan. I just didn’t really know what to do. I was playing with the code and hoping something cool gonna happen but it was more like desperate commands what never made to be a part of the game.

To make my life harder I wanted to stream the whole process on Twitch. Just for the fun. I think it wasn’t really successful, I didn’t narrate and I didn’t really know what I am doing during the whole jam.

By the end of the jam we had a basic platformer with controls and we didn’t have anything that makes it enjoyable. The gameplay. This is what we missed during the planning. Our idea was way too complex for this little game, I had a lot of variables to change the experience, so I just added random levels with random settings, I’m very surprised it kinda works.

Anyway, we made it, we could release the game in time. The main thing what I learned is there is never enough planning. If I do this next time I will spend hours of planning in the beginning and never have that moment when I don’t know what should I do.

Here it is: