Ludum Dare 41

We attended again to a new Ludum Dare competition. I was quite busy recently and I couldn’t pay attention all the theme voting process, but the last round titles were very promising.

I have decided to not vote for 0, it’s just pointless, I can choose on something whether I like them or not. And there is a theme what I really like.

Combine 2 incompatible genres. I just can’t believe this one won, this was my personal favourite! Even I had no idea what to do with it, I think this theme is perfect for a game jam. If you play with some of the entries you’ll find some really good ones.

Of course I woke up with fever on Saturday morning, so I kinda skipped the first day of developing, but at least we could come up with an idea. It was mainly Starlin’s, but I liked it. A car racing game versus a rhythm game.

I was focusing on the rhythm part, I have never made anything similar, although I was a huge fan of Guitar Hero with my friends. I remember we played with Frets On Fire which is a rhythm game with numerous downloadable songs, so I had the idea the game notes for those tracks are not auto-generated, but I ignored this information, I wanted to run the game by the music beats.

Spolier alert, it didn’t work. I’ve downloaded one of my favourite nightcore song for testing, it keeps the bpm around an energetic 162, I wasn’t afraid I get too sleepy. Unity has some great tool to get some data about a song, I was checking some beat detection algorythm, even I tried some 3rd party plugins, but I was sure a day is defenetly not enough to finish it. So I went to the good old manual solution and tried to hit the tempo by myself and record it, drop the beats randomly.

Meanwhile Starlin made a car model and a few building with great textures with some Japanese spice. The Japanese style was with us for all weekend, I was listening a lot of Jpop (PassCode, Babymetal) which is totally not my style but I started to kinda like it. And we had just a few hours left from the submission, so we just put everything together. There was no chance to write our own song so kept the test one. Actually if we write our own song probably would be easier to auto-generate notes, I would know exactly the tempo and I could hide some reference point in the track, but that is another story. So do the car racing part.

You can try the game on, I recommend to download it for smoother gameplay. Have fun!

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