Hyperfocus Harming Time

Just staring at the screen motionless, I don’t know what is the next step. I usually do, but I reached a point where it’s better to give up and simple delete the result of quite a few hours of continuous research and programming.

This born-to-die project started when I was looking for something on GitHub and felt easier to use their GraphQL API Explorer then browsing the site. Never tried it before and certainly started to query my stuff.

Wailing stops! I wanted to paste here some code snippets but realised it actually works! Lucky me I didn’t delete. Even the title could be true but not this time, and I’m continuing my ridiculously pointless project. Getting back to the flow, and if everything goes well it will make me pay at some point when somebody visits my GitHub profile lol.

There will be three difficulty levels. Main difference between them is the speed of the gameplay. The original idea was using obstacles in completely random order, but during testing I found out some pre-defined patterns would make it more enjoyable. A tiny PHP script helps me to generate JSON files that contain object sequences. I mix resulting JSON data with random items to make it better or even harder to get higher scores. This also allows me to add various power-ups, even I just add some coins in the beginning.

Mechanic is the following about:
– Have a pool full of cubes
– Seeder decides the next pattern
– Spawner throws cubes on the field
– Player tries to don’t collide
– Cubes go back to the pool
– Repeat;

Version Control

Hello World! Let me introduce myself. My name is Andras Serfozo, I was born in Budapest and I’m living in London at the moment. I’m web developer, I know Php, JavaScript, Html and surrounding technologies, but I’ve found time to try something different: to create games.

When I got this idea first I’ve tried to do something with JavaScript but I had to realise it is not exactly what I want. I know that there are plenty of amazing tools to make awesome 3D WebGL stuff but I’d like to leave web browsers. Reason is simple, I like the feeling when all browsers are closed on my computer (what is almost never happen).

Once upon an afternoon, I’ve found Unity game engine, it matched to my criterias (easy to use, mobile deploy, the usual things) and I decided to learn it. I started with the basics. I made a Pong. I spent a lot of hours to make it work, I added extra features, like multiplayer game via Bluetooth, AI against computer, but for some reason it wasn’t enough for Google to release it to Play store.

After a while when I tried to organised my code I had to realised I just lost the source code of my Pong game. Died hard drive never helps. I had to face it I can’t modify it anymore. From that moment I decided to store all my source codes in cloud. I have already a lot of stuffs on Bitbucket, it’s great and free, should work for Unity files too.